Our Story

In the mid-1980’s, Toddler Tables founder and former church minister, Glenn Holland, saw a need in his own congregation. He noticed that parents with new babies and young children were so busy holding or tending to their children that they were missing parts of the message he was trying to deliver. “If only these parents had a better way to care for their children during the service.”, he thought, and an idea was born!

His idea was that if he could create something that would provide parents and teachers with a safe and secure alternative to holding their children during nursery and Sunday school, the more they could focus on the message he was trying to deliver and at the same time, children could begin learning life’s valuable lessons. With this goal in mind, he set out for his garage and went to work.

Glenn knew that, whatever he ended up creating, it had to be built with the highest quality craftsmanship and use only the finest materials. If the parents of his congregation were to trust their children to something that he had built, he wasn’t about to make any compromises in quality.

With time, Glenn’s hard work and determination paid off. He developed a product that has had a major impact on the childcare industry. Sure, it was still a table. But this table was different. This table had seats built into the table top!

This “toddler” table would allow several children at a time to sit safely and comfortably while playing and interacting with one another, and allow their parents to focus on the church service. It would be perfect for his church’s Sunday school classes! Glenn had found the answer he was looking for.

It wasn’t long before other people noticed this new table and would ask Glenn to build one for them. As the number of requests for tables continued to grow, Glenn soon realized that there were many people and organizations who could benefit from the use of his tables. From Sunday schools to daycare centers, there was a tremendous opportunity to provide a safe, secure, quality-built product like the one he had developed for his own church. With this in mind, Toddler Tables was formed. While Glenn is no longer involved with Toddler Tables, his idea lives on.

Today, Toddler Tables located in Ayden, North Carolina, manufacturers a wide selection of tables and other specialty children’s products that are tailored to meet the needs of the childcare industry. Toddler Tables is a registered trademark and is a symbol of commitment to quality in the childcare industry.

We’ve long since stopped building our tables in Glenn’s garage, but you can be sure that the care and the craftsmanship that went into that very first “toddler” table will also go into the table we build for YOU.